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Vietnom - Death Is The Outcome | Thru My Eyes

NFO:   The debut full-length from NYC, DMS hardcore/hip hop band Vietnom has been reissued on CD along with the six tracks from the "Thru My Eyes" EP. "Death Is The Outcome" features guest vocals from Freddy Madball and Lord Ezec and has been out of print for years.

1. Intro
2. Talkin' Shit
3. The Pit
4. Misery
5. Breaking Point
6. Out For Mine
7. Outcast
8. Fakesmile
9. Fallout
10. Bitter Love
11. Strictly The Real!
12. Thru My Eyes Intro
13. Thru My Eyes
14. Right Or Wrong
15. Shit Out Of Luck
16. Torn Apart
17. Still Talking Shit!


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